IDFC FirstTap Platinum Rupay Debit Card Review

Pricing: Issuance charge of Rs.116.82 (Rs.99 + GST)
Annual Fee: Currently, none
Platform : Rupay Platinum
Max Txn Limits: 1 Lakh

This is a one-of-a-kind debit card issued in a sticker form factor that allows contactless payments


1) Amazon Recharge/Bill Payment offer – 20% off upto Rs.100 valid once every month on Fridays till 31st March 2024. This feature is a reason enough to hold this card. Helps save Rs.100 every month. (Min Bill value – 129)
2) Lounge Access – Once Half Yearly
3) Rupay Personal Accident Insurance and Lost Card Liability cover of Rs.2L
4) All Rupay Platinum Debit Card offers online/offline.
5) Can be used as an emergency card incase your phone switches off.

Steps to apply:

1) Login to your IDFC App.
2) Under the Accounts & Deposits section click on ‘Buy FirstTap’ to request for this debit card.
3) The FirstTap Sticker would be usually delivered within 7 working days and be visible on the cards section of the app.
4) The card details can be seen in the cards section of the app/website that can be used for online transactions. The details wont be printed on the sticker.

Note: Your original debit card won’t be deactivated and this will be added as a second card

If you were looking for a rupay platinum debit card for offers and have an IDFC account, this is an easy way to get one.
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